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If you are just starting to use the Scrippy program, please do the lessons on the left.  If you feel comfortable using containers already, then please begin with the lessons on the right.  All graphics may be changed to those of your choosing at any time.



Lesson B1 -  Left Border Scroll  Lesson A1 -  Containers
Lesson B2 -  Topper Lesson A2 -  Karon's Frames
Lesson B3 -  Basic Beginners Lesson A3 -  Transition - Juliet

Lesson B4 -  Understanding Containers - A basic stationery in which an effort is made to acquaint the user with containers.

Lesson A4 -  Advanced Frames
Lesson B5 -   Palms Lesson A5 -  Halloween Stationery
Lesson B6 -   Dolphins Lesson A6 -  Positioned Containers
Lesson B7 -   Pink Floral Lesson A7 -  Kaleidoscope-Slide
Lesson A8 -  Windows
Lesson B9 -   Lily Lesson A9 -  Framed Kaleidoscope
Lesson B 10 - Two Ladies Lesson A10 - Elves Kaleidoscope
Lesson B11 - Multiple Layered Images Lesson A11 - Sonia's Lights
Lesson B12 - Rapture Lesson A12 - Four Way Kaleidoscope
Lesson B13 - Simple Slide Lesson A13 - The Gold Gift
Lesson B14 - Red Erte Lesson A14 - Frames Challenge
Lesson B15 - Sparkling Lesson A15 - SeaScape - Water movement
Lesson B16 - Teardrop Lesson A16 - Dragon!
Lesson B17 - Positioned Containers #2 Lesson A17 - Red Hearts
Lesson B18 - Expanded Message Area Lesson A18 - Black Day - Water movement
Lesson B19 - Expanding Message Area - Chapter 1, written by Pami Lesson A19 - Zebra - Special transition effect
Lesson B20 - Spring Lesson A20 - Crossover
Lesson B21 - Purple Witch Lesson A21 - Checkerboard
Lesson A22 -   Dream
Lesson A23 - Tulips2
Lesson A24 - Impossible
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