The creation of the ssc file for this tutorial was done by Lin, from ScrippyHelp Advanced Group, another great Yahoo group teaching Scrippy! She graciously allowed me to use her ssc to produce this new lesson.  Preview the finished result here.  Download the graphics and music for this lesson here.  The ssc file is not provided.


1.  Start a new scrippy ssc by clicking on the white paper icon or choose File/New.

2. Add one background of black and then add another background and use the gold2-dc.jpg image.  This scrolls up and right at 30 pixels, fast scroll.

3.  Save this ssc file by going to file/save as, and put it wherever you save your ssc files.  Give it a name you can remember.

4.  We need a positioned container here, set all of the margins to 18.

5. Now we will need a background so insert one and use the gold again, scroll it up and right, 30 pixels, fast scroll.

6.  Insert a positioned container, all the way to the left, and make all margins set at 20.

7.  Now under this last one you will insert another container with these settings:  Horizontal - Center, distance 0, size of 423.  Vertical - top, distance of 48 and size of 423.

8.  Insert a background under that container, using the gold again, scroll it left and up, 30 pixels, fast scroll.

9.  Insert a background and make sure this one is even with the second positioned container.  A picture here will help you.  This background is set to the color of black.

10.  We need another container here, it is put even with the second one shown above.  By clicking on the first positioned container shown it will automatically fall into the right place.  Set this center - 0 - 420 for horizontal and top - 50- 420 for the vertical.

11.  Insert a background using the gold graphic.  Scroll it up and left, 30 pixels and fast scroll.  Now insert another background under that, they should both be even with each other, and use the graphic called black holes.  This second background does not scroll.

The next section is for four positioned containers consisting of the starburst graphics.

12.  Now insert a container and make sure it's even with the last background you did.  Set this to left and top of 0, same size as largest contained image.

13. Now put in a background and use the graphic called starburstleft.  Scroll this up and left at 80 pixels per second and make it fast scroll.  Under advanced options at the bottom, set the horizontal and vertical spacing to 160.

14.  Now go and copy that last container and paste it, and move it so that it is even with the last one, yet on the bottom.  Change the horizontal setting to right.  Go into the background and change the scroll to up and right.  Leave everything else alone except change the graphic to starburstright.

15.  Copy the first container with starburstleft and paste it down at the bottom so that it is even with the last two containers.  This should be set to left and bottom.  In the background part, change the scroll to down and left and use the graphic starburst left bottom.

16.  Copy the second container and paste it at the bottom, even it up with the other three containers.  The horizontal should be set to right and bottom.  The graphic is starburst right bottom and it scrolls down and right.

17.  We need to insert another positioned container. Set this as follows:  Horizontal is center, 0 and same size as largest contained.  Vertical is top and 50, same size as largest contained.  This should be even with the first container that holds the starburst containers.

18.  Now put in a positioned image and use the dragon.gif.  You should have this set at horizontal center and from the top.

19.  Next we will do a series of four positioned containers, each one having a background, another positioned container and another background.  So, go ahead and insert the first one.  We will copy it and paste the last three.  The settings are left - 0 - size 100 for horizontal and top - 0 - size 100 for vertical.

20.  Insert a background and use the gold.  Scroll it up and right, 30 pixels per second and fast scroll.

21.  Put in another positioned container which falls under the first one.  Horizontal is center - distance 0 and size of 97.  Vertical is center - distance 0 and size of 97.

22.  Insert the background and use the black holes gif.  Non-scrolling.

23.  Ok, now click on the very first container that you just made in that last group, copy and paste it three more times.  Use the settings below for each one.  Nothing is changed except that shown for the top containers in each group.

Container #2:  right - size 100, top - size 100.
Container #3:  left - size 100, bottom - size 100.
Container #4:  right - size 100, bottom - size 100.

24.  Now we have a another series of four positioned containers.  Let's do #1 and then copy and paste it.  Set the left and right edges to 0.  Set vertical from the top, distance of 0 and size of 18.  Insert two backgrounds under that container.  For the first one, use the gold graphic.  Scroll it up and right at 30 pixels, fast scroll.  For the second background use the black holes gif.  This does not scroll.  Ok, now copy this container set and paste it three more times, making sure each one is below but even with this one.

25.  The only difference in the second container is that the vertical is set to bottom.  But in the third container, reverse the horizontal and vertical settings.  That is, set horizontal left - distance of 0 and size of 18.  Set the top and bottom margins to 0.  In the fourth container do the same but set the horizontal to right instead of left.

26.  Now we will insert a message area.  Set this 500 from the top, 120 from the bottom, and 120 for the right and left.  Set the scrollbar to black.

27.  Insert a sound and use the file technosong.

28.  Insert a ticker and a loading message of your choice.

That's it!  You now have your own shooting stars stationery.    Please make sure to give Lin credit for the ssc creation when you use this ssc file.

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