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As some have expressed an interest in this stationery, we will try this one out now.  Click here to download the zip with all of the graphics and the music file.   Click here to see the finished result.

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1.  Insert a background using the ertebg3.jpg image. 


2.  Next insert a positioned container and set the left and right margins to be 25 pixels from each side.  Make the top margin 200 and the bottom margin 25.

3.  Insert another background and for this one please use the war-bg4-gold.jpg image.  This is a non-scrolling background as are all of them for this particular stationery.


4.  Next comes a double styled frame of 15 pixels, color of black.

5.  Next is another positioned container, with all of the edges set on the right, 35 pixels from the left, right, top and bottom.  This insures that the inside of our main container will stay at an equal distance from the main edges regardless of the size it is while being viewed.  This container resides underneath and 'in' the first one.

6.  Frame, 4 pixels, groove, color of black.

7.  Add a background using the war-bg5-gold.jpg.


8.  Next is another positioned container.  Set the left and right margins to 85 each.  Set the top at 260 and the bottom to 85.  This container is a 'boss' container and does go all the way over to the left and not under the previous grouping.

9.  Insert another frame, size 4, color black and style groove.

10.  Insert a background using the war-bg4-gold.jpg graphic.


11.  Now insert another positioned container and set all of the edges 15 pixels, (right, left, top and bottom). This one goes under the previous one that was just made.

12.  Now we will insert another frame, and the size will still be 4 but this one will be inset and use the default gray color.

13.  Insert a background using the erte3bg.jpg graphic.

Erte Bg3

14.  Insert a message area, placing it at the left margin.  The left and right margins are 150.  Top margin is 350 and the bottom margin is 135.

15.  Our main positioned image goes next.  By placing it here we are ensuring that it will be on top of everything else.  Set this to center and from the top, leaving the numbers at 0.

Reduced topper image

16.  Insert a loading message, ticker and some sound.  The sound used here is eponanew.mid.

17.  Now insert two positioned images and use the bluesclues.gif animation.  The settings for them are as follows:  Horizontal from the left and vertical from the top, both numbers are left at 0.  For the second image use horizontal from the right and vertical from the top, both numbers left at 0.  Although these look like floaters they are just animations put in one spot.

Blues Clues daisy animation

It wasn't really hard although it might have looked like it was!  When you decide to make one of these using your own gif and yes it has to be a gif with a transparent background, you may need to try different number settings to get it into the right spot.  I moved my container down or up depending on how close it was to the image.  In this case I didn't have to move it much.  In images where you have hands that you want to be holding onto the frame of your container, you will have to play with the numbers until you get it just right.  It's really easy.

Hope you had fun with it!

Erte Divider

Created by Ozmee, September 2001.  This tutorial may be freely copied.  Graphics shown on this page were created by me and may be snagged or reused at will.  The Erte image was obtained through a newsgroup and is not my property. I place no restrictions of any kind on any image I create unless otherwise stated, other than the fact that no portion of any page found at this web site may be reused for financial gain.

ŠOzmee 2001, 2002

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