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So, you would like to make a slider stationery?  Great!  You've come to the right place! Click here to see the finished product and here to download a zip file with all of the needed parts including the ssc file.

1.  Open Scrippy and click on File/New or click the white paper icon.  Go to File and select Save As.  Save this as lesson13.ssc.  Be sure to save after each change to your stationery.

2.  Insert a loading message, and for now check where it says to use a loading message, because we don't want this bothering us right now when we do a preview.  At the end of this lesson you may go back and check it again if you wish to use a loading message.

3.  Insert a ticker.  Enter any text here that you like and if you are not familiar with the different effects, now is a good time to try them all out!

4.  Insert a sound.  We are using the one called puppy.mid which is set for continuous play.  You may use this or any other sound in your collection.

5.  Now we will insert a background and the one for this lesson is called bluezig.jpg.  It does not need to scroll.

6.  Next we will insert a double frame of 12 pixels placed over the background.  The color to use here is #B9DFF4.

7.  Now we will insert three containers.  Go ahead and insert one now.  For the left and right margins please use 95.  For the top margin, use 45 and for the bottom margin use 25.

8.  We will need a background here, so go ahead and insert one and use the graphic called bluezig-light.jpg.  It doesn't scroll either.

9.  Put in a frame, 10 pixels, double style and placed over the background using the color of #0B3146.  Now do it again!  Copy the frame by going to Edit, copy frame and then back to edit and paste frame.

10.  The next container is for our first set of scrolls.  So go on and put one in now.  This goes to the left margin and not under anything else.  By that I simply mean it is a main container and won't go below and to the right of any other container.  Set this at center and minus 97, and same as largest contained image.  Vertical needs to be set at 70 from the top and same as largest contained image.  The -97 setting will change if you use an image that is a different size than the one used here.  You will see what width your image is and use the half.  If your image is 300 wide, you would use 150 instead of 97, if it's 400 wide, use 200.

11.  Insert a positioned scroll and use floral-left.gif.  The settings are horizontal and right.  50 pixels per second and 1 pixel per move, fast scroll.  Position should be set to center already so no change is needed there.  The space between is 388.  This is double the width of our images.  The starting position is minus 194.  This is the actual width of our images. The scroll direction is right! Notice that the left image goes right and the right image goes left!

12.  Copy and paste that scroll so it goes underneath the first one.  Change the image to floral-right.gif.  Set it to scroll left.  No other changes are needed.  This is the first half of the slide, you may want to take a look at it and see how this looks.

13.  Now, if you would like, copy that last positioned container and paste it under the first one so that it is even with it.  We will just make the appropriate changes.  For the horizontal setting change it to just be 97 from the center instead of -97.  A positive number puts the image that many pixels over to the right of center.  A negative number puts the image that many pixels over to the left of center.  This is why we have a positive and negative number for the horizontal settings on this type of a stationery.  No other changes are needed in the container.

Now lets move on to the first positioned scroll and make some changes.  For this one, change the image to floral-right.gif and set it to scroll left.  Everything else is the same EXCEPT remove the minus sign from down below!

In the second scroll, change the image to floral-left.gif and set it to scroll right!  Also remove the minus sign from the bottom here.  Those are the only changes necessary.

14.  Go to Insert and choose message area.  Set the right and left margins to 100.  For the top margin use 245.  And for the bottom margin use 15.

15.  That's it!  Go and take a look at your completed stationery!  It wasn't so hard now was it?

Let's review a few things about sliders so that you can easily make one using some other graphic.  The positioned containers for each set of scrolls needs to be centered and the distance for one will be a negative number which is equal to half the width of your graphic.  The other one will be a positive number equal to half the width of the graphic.  The vertical setting is of no real importance other than you should set it from the top.  You can just check 'same as largest contained image' or you can type in the size of your height and width, either way works.

For the scrolls, if it scrolls left then use the right facing image and vice versa. These should always be centered because we used the center to determine sizing for our container.  The space between is always double the width of your image because we are using two images.  Makes sense doesn't it?  And the starting position is equal to the width of your image, with one again being negative and one being positive.  Keep the negatives together and the positives together.  And that is all there is to doing this slider.

Please save your ssc again and then go to File/Export Stationery and name the stationery Lesson13.  When you submit this to the group please give it the same name.  That makes it a lot easier for me when I need to help with the stationery.  Thanks!  I hope you had an easy time of this.

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