Red Hearts
A lesson with objects

Preview the finished product.  Download the zip file with all graphics and sound.

Tools needed:  Scrippy Version 3 

1.  Start a new scrippy ssc by clicking on the white paper icon or choose File/New.

2. Insert a background.  It is called hbdaybunney.  It does not scroll.

3.  Insert a positioned container.  Set it to center and give it a size of 200.  For vertical, set it to 110 from the top with a size of 100.  200x100 is the size of the heart graphic and that is why it needs to be set at that size.  If you do this using your own graphics, be sure to change the size to match your own graphic size.

4.  Now insert a container under this first one.  Set it to center, size of 1 for horizontal.  For vertical, choose to set the top and bottom  margins to zero.

5.  Now add in a background and use the gold graphic provided.  Scroll this down at 30 pixels per second, fast scroll selected.

6.  Now copy the second container that has the background in it and paste it six times, for a total of seven containers with backgrounds.  On the second background, scroll it up.  The third is down, fourth is up, fifth is down, sixth is up.  For the horizontal settings, container two is 30, three is -30, four is 60, five is -60, six is 90, seven is -90. These are the lines that go down from our object.

7.  Insert your ticker, sound and loading message.  Choose one of your own sounds.

8.  Insert a positioned image. This is called hbheart-l.  Center this at 275.  Vertical is from the top at 250.

9.  Insert another positioned image.  This is called hbheart-r.  Center this at -275 for horizontal and vertical is still set at 250.

10.  Now we are going to make one set of containers that we will copy so this won't take as long to make.  Insert a positioned container.  This is a new set, so it goes all the way over to the left and does not fall under a previous container.  Set all edges to 0 except set it 5 from the top.

11.  Insert a container under the last one.  Set the left and right edges to 0.  For vertical, set this 5 from the top with a size of 1.

12.  Insert the gold background and scroll this left at 30 pixels, fast scroll.

13.  Copy the container with the background and paste it four times, making sure that these containers are even with the one you just copied.  Their settings are: (I started at 2 since you just did #1)

Container #2, Vertical is 10 from the top, scroll it right.
Container #3, Vertical is 15 from the top, scroll it left.
Container #4, Vertical is 20 from the top, scroll it right.
Container #5, Vertical is 25 from the top, scroll it left.

14.  To make things move quicker, copy that entire last set of containers starting with the one from #10 up above.  Paste it four times!

For each subcontainer, add 5 to the top margin and adjust the scroll direction.  Make sure NOT to change the first container of each set.  The last container should be 105.

15.  Now we will insert the left and right images with the gold hearts.  These images were created to make the shape that you see on the end of the main object.  By cutting out a shape we can make the ends of our containers be any shape that we'd like!  The first image shows you the end result.  The second two are the actual gif's we are going to use. In order to make your own images, I'm going to give directions for that at the very end of this tutorial.

Insert a positioned container, horizontal is set to left, 0 and size of 100, vertical is set to top, 0 and size of 125.  100x125 is the size of the two gifs above.  Insert a background under that and insert the graphic called al2-l.gif.  Non-scrolling.

16.  Insert another positioned container next, it doesn't go under the last one but over to the left.  Use the same settings as above, but change it to be from the right and use the graphic called al2-r.gif for the background under that one.  Take a look.  It's basically working now.

17.  Next I put in a double frame of 5 pixels, placed over the background and I used color #FCCDDD.

18.  Put in another positioned container, make it centered, distance of 0 and size of 400 for horizontal.  For vertical set it to top, distance 200 and size 200.

19.  Next insert a positioned image, and use the graphic called hbframe2.gif.  This is centered.

20.  Under this same container put in a message area.  In here you will put the image called hvd-oz.jpg BUT you need to make your own up using the same sizes as that one is to avoid scrollbars.  If you don't want to put anything here, then leave it out.  But then your gold graphic will just be blank inside.  It's up to you.  The gold graphic can be left off as well.  Instead you could just put in a message area.  You could put an image inside of that frame, its really up to you.  If you elect to leave off the frame and message area under it, put in your own message area, try left and right margins of 100 and place it far enough down from the top to avoid the top image.

That is all there is to this, I hope you didn't have any problems with this tutorial!

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