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Here is yet another tutorial that will show you how to make a stationery with an image which appears to be sobbing, that is, a teardrop will fall from it's eye.  For this lesson I will use the image below.  Right click on the picture and choose 'Save Picture As' to use this graphic.  No zip file is available at this time for download.  It must be stated however, that just to use the ssc file won't help you learn how to do your own.  Click here to see the finished product.

Main Image

Now open up your Scrippy program and insert a positioned container.  Under this insert a background.  Which one?  Well you can make your own or you can use the one I made for this stationery.  Right click to save it to your hard drive, 'Save Picture As'.  This background will tile as desired without lines showing. Make no changes after you insert your background graphic, it does not scroll and you don't have to change any of the other settings.

Background Image

Use the settings below as shown for your positioned container. I cut it apart so it could be placed side by side to make viewing easier, this is NOT how it looks in Scrippy.

Positioned Container SettingsPositioned Container Settings

Next, click on the positioned container and insert a frame of 10 pixels using the Groove style and choose a dark green color or any other color of your choice which will compliment the image.  The color numbers that I used are Red 0- Green 64- Blue0.

Here is what you should have at this point.  

Now insert a background and make sure that it is not UNDER the positioned container.  Here is the one that I used.  Right click on the image and 'Save Picture As' to use this one.


If you are not sure what I meant when I said don't put it UNDER the positioned container, here is an image to help you see where it goes.  If it went under your positioned container when you inserted it, then grab it with your mouse and just move it over to the left and left go.  It should move over to the left.


Insert another positioned container and use the settings as shown below.  Again, the two images have been cut apart for easier viewing here.


Now we will insert another frame, style Groove, pixel width of 5 and use the following numbers for your colors.  Red-0 - Green-108 - Blue-0.  This frame goes UNDER the positioned container as shown below.

Adding a Positioned Container

Insert another positioned container and use the settings as shown below.


Here is what you should have at this point.


Now under our positioned container we will insert a positioned image.  Click on the Positioned Container to make sure that the positioned image goes into the right place.  If it doesn't, you can always drag it there.

Adding a Positioned Object

Browse for your tear_main.jpg and choose it for the image here.  Make no changes other than inserting it as shown below.

Positioned Object

And now here again is where we are at.


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