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To view the completed stationery please click here.  To download a zip file with all of the graphics and the ssc file please click here.  The backgrounds that you see on this page are also used in the stationery.  I have seen these backgrounds recolored using a brownish-red color and it still looked nice, even better!  So my suggestion for you when you do a tutorial, is even though most aspects should be followed exactly, there is no reason you can't make your own background graphics or even just recolor the ones provided.  It won't hurt a bit :-)  And this is a pretty small stationery for the nice effect that it provides.

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1. Open a new Scrippy and insert a background.  Use the one called dolphin-bg1.jpg.  Change the transparency from 0 to 1.  This is to prevent what is commonly referred to as the 'jitters'.

Dolphin background #1

2.  Insert a positioned container. Set the left and right, top and bottom edges both to 25 pixels. 


3.  Insert an inset frame of 4 pixels and use this color: 196-255-255.  It should be a light blue.

4.  Now insert a background.  Use dolphin-bg2.jpg.  Both backgrounds are shown reduced at 50% here to save space.  Make the first one scroll up+left at 30 pixels per second, 1 pixel per move and smooth scroll.

Dolphin-bg2.jpg reduced

5.  Insert a second background and use dolphin-bg3.jpg.  Make this one scroll up+right at 30 pixels per second, 1 pixel per move and smooth scroll as well.

Dolphin-bg3.jpg reduced

6.  Next, we will insert another positioned container.  For this one I'd like you to set all of the margins to 25.  As shown below.


Where We Are
This is what your master scrippy should look like at this point.

7.  Insert an inset frame of 4 pixels, same color of blue as before.

8.  Insert a background and use the dolphin-bg6.jpg with no scrolling.  That background looks exactly like the one under this typing.

9.  Next we will insert our main image.  So now please insert a positioned image and use the settings as shown below. You can see the it is centered horizontally and is set at 15 pixels from the top.

Image Settings

Main image
This is the main image at 50%.  Sorry, I do not know who the author of this nice image is.

10.  Next we will add the positioned container for the message area.  This container belongs all the way over at the left and NOT under the previous containers.  Settings are; 110 for the left and right margins, set top and bottom margins 400 from the top and 80 from the bottom.

11.  Add another frame, inset, 4 pixels wide in the same color as before.

12.  Next insert a message area making sure that this does not go under the previous container, but all the way over at the left.  Set margins to 120 for the left and right, 405 for the top and 70 for the bottom.

13.  Insert a frame, size 10, double, place over the background and use the color #4A5A5E.

14.  All that is left is the ticker, the sound and the loading message.  To learn how to include a graphic in your loading message, or to colorize the scrollbars, please see the Scrippy Tutorials main page.  The midi file used was luvstory.mid.

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I hope you enjoyed this Scrippy tutorial!

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Created by Ozmee, August 2001.  This tutorial may be freely copied.  Graphics shown other than the main image and the dolphins were also created by me and may be snagged or reused at will.  I place no restrictions of any kind on any image I create unless otherwise stated.