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This tutorial will endeavor to assist you in making a stationery within Scrippy which will have a sparkling background.  For this you will need a graphics program.  I recommend Paintshop Pro, however you may use any graphic program which you are comfortable and familiar with.  My instructions will be for PSP as that is what I use.  Click here to see the finished product.

We will use this particular image for this lesson.

Lesson Image

Open this image in Paintshop Pro.  Choose a color that is not in this graphic, for this lesson we will use the foreground color of #FF00FF.  The reason for this is that we are going to save this image as a transparent gif and the color I've indicated will become invisible allowing us to place 'holes' within this image.  Now choose your paintbrush and make it size 2, settings 100, 100, 25, 100.  Everywhere that you see the white sparkles in this image paint over it with your paintbrush.

Lesson Image Head

Here you can see that I have begun to replace the white dots with my pink color.  Continue replacing these white dots with the pink color until they are all painted.  Don't worry if some seem too small for the white area.  Zoom in on the picture to give yourself a better view.  Don't worry if you miss a spot or add in a spot and also paint out a few of the stars as well.

Lesson Image Completed
This one is through being painted.

Now change the pink color to be your background color and choose File - Export - Gif Optimizer or use the icon if you have placed it on the taskbar.  Pick areas that match this color and make sure that the pink color is showing there.  Give it a name and save it in the directory of your choice.

Now right click on this image below and save it to that same directory.  

Gold Dust Background



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