To view the completed stationery please click here. To download the zip files with all graphics, sound and Scrippy-3 ssc file, click here.  If you are using Scrippy-2 this ssc probably won't work.  In that case, you have two choices.  Download the upgrade or create your own ssc file for this lesson.

Let's get started!  Open up your scrippy and click on File - New or click on the little white paper to start up a new master scrippy.

1.  Insert a background using the rapture-bg4.jpg graphic.  Non-scrolling.

2.  Insert a grooved frame of 6 pixels and use the color #4F0000.  For users of Scrippy-2 the colors are 79-0-0.

3.  Insert a positioned container and set all edges to 25.

4.  Next you need a frame, make it inset, 2 pixels and use black.

5.  Now insert another background and use the rapturebg2.jpg.  This scrolls up and right and no other changes are needed here.

6.  Put in another positioned container and set all edges to 35.  This container sits over at the far left as does the last one which was inserted.

7.  Add another 2 pixel frame using black and make it inset as well.

8.  Now add another background.  Use rapture-bg4.jpg again.  Non-scrolling.

9.  Insert a positioned image.  Make it from the left and the top.  The numbers are going to be left sitting right at zero.  Use rapture-2.gif for this.

10. Insert the other positioned image.  This one sits right and top using the numbers of zero again.  Use rapture-3.gif for this side.

11.  For the main image I needed to use another positioned container.  So insert one of these next.  The settings are as shown.

12.  Now insert a positioned image and use the rapture.jpg graphic.  Set this to horizontal - centered and vertical from the top.  No other changes are needed.

13.  Now we will insert the rapture animation.  Insert a positioned image and choose the graphic called rapture-ani.gif.  This goes 40 pixels from the top for vertical and it is horizontally centered at 0.

14.  The next thing to add is the part that says by Ozmee.  Now naturally you can make your own image to go here, or you can use any other graphic you would like, as this one is going to be by you and not me, lol.  Or you can skip this positioned image if you'd like.  Put in a positioned image and set it 120 from the top and centered.  Use the graphic called rapture-byoz1.jpg if you just want to use mine for the time being.  If you use a different image here that is larger than the one I used, you might have to move your message area down a little lower.  To do that you just increase the number of pixels from the top.

15.  Now add some sound.  Get the midi called jewel-hand.mid and set it to repeat indefinitely.

16.  Add a message area.  Set this at 160 from the left and the right.  575 from the top and 60 from the bottom.

17.  Add a ticker.

18.  Add a loading message.  On mine the minimum display time is set to 1.5.  Click on the centering options for the middle and insert the image called rapture-cbyoz or any other graphic of your choice.  Remember, you can put in the pink background after you have saved your stationery by using a text editor.  For Scrippy-3 there is a new place to put this.  In Scrippy-2 you go to the loading message divider and right before where it says background you type in bg="" and in between the "" put the entire path of the background.  As well, you must go up at the very top and enter in <BODY background=""> and in between the "" again put the entire path of your background graphic.  However, in Scrippy-3 it goes in a different place.  Find where it says body background and go over again before background and insert it.  Here is an image to help.

Congrats!  You now have your own Rapture stationery.  If you don't like your two right and left images being on top of the frames you can always change the numbers of from the top and the left and right to make it go below them.  For this stat you would need to change it from 0 to 35.

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