To download a zip file with all of the images please click here.  To see the finished result of this tutorial, please click here.

1.  Please insert a loading message and check 'use loading message' in order to turn it off during this tutorial.  Remember to return to the loading message and alter this if you wish to have a loading message in your stationery.

2.  Insert a background and use l2b.jpg.  This doesn't scroll but go down to transparency and set it to 1.  Setting the main background to 1 helps with the jumpiness you sometimes see in stationery.

3.  Next put in a positioned container and set all margins to 120.

4.  Insert a double frame, 7 pixels, placed over the background and use #014F7C for the color, save this color so you can use it later.  This frame goes under and to the right of the main container, which means it falls within the initial container.

5.  Insert a background and use the graphic l2a.jpg.  Scroll this up and left, fast scroll at 30 pixels per second.  Copy this background and paste it again so that there are two backgrounds falling under our container.  Set this second background at up+right, fast scroll, 30 pixels per second and set it to 50% transparency.

6.  Next we will insert a second 'main' container.  This does not go under the first one.  It sets alone and all the way over at the left.  Set left and right margins to 135.  Also set the top and bottom margins to 135.

7.  Under this second container insert a frame, outset style, 2 pixels and use the color #016AAC.

8.  Next insert a background using the graphic l2b.  This does not scroll.

9.  Insert a positioned image using the graphic named lesson2-main.jpg.  Horizontal is set center with a distance of 0.  Vertical is set to the top with a distance of 20 pixels.

10.  Now we will insert another frame.  Please make sure that these items show up in your scrippy master in the order in which they are being done.  This frame is a double, 10 pixels and it is placed over the background.  Please use the color of #014F7C.

11.  Now insert a message area.  This item does not go under either of the containers.  It should be placed over to the left margin.  If it gets inserted under the container, move it over to the left.  Set all margins to 140 except for the top which should be set to 500.

12.  Insert a ticker and then a sound.  Use ZZunknow.mid which is included in the zip file, or use any midi file which you prefer.

13.  Next insert a frame, 10 pixels, double, placed over the background and use the color #012C45.  This is flush with the left margin.  When it is done, copy it and paste it so that it falls under the first one.

14.  The next section is a series of containers.  You may do the first one and then copy and paste it, changing only the placement settings and the scroll directions.  There are four as these are the containers which hold the side corner squares.

15.  Insert a positioned container and set this horizontally from the left with a distance of 20 and with a specified size of 100.  Use the same settings at the bottom portion (vertical layout) but set it from the top.

Click on that container and insert a frame of 7 pixels, double, placed over the background and use the color of #014F7C.

Click on the container and insert a background, using the graphic l2c.jpg.  This scrolls up and left, as this is our left upper corner square.  This scrolls fast at 30 pixels per second.

Click on the container again and insert another positioned container.  Set all of the margins here to 10.

Click on the second container and insert a background, use l2c.jpg.  This does not scroll.

Click on the second container again and insert another double frame of 7 pixels using the color #014F7C and placed over the background.

Now, if you look at this image which shows how this series is supposed to end up looking, click on the container shown here as the first subcontainer, that is the second positioned container shown which you just got through making and copy it!  Click on the first positioned container and paste it in.  It will be put in there just under the first one so move it down underneath and even with the one you just did.  In this image it is the third positioned container shown.

Set all the margins of this container to 20.  The background should be okay, it is supposed to be up+left, 30 pixels per second, fast scroll.  The frame is okay as well.

Go back to the very first container shown here, that is the first one in this series, not the first one you did for this stat, and click on that and click paste again.  Now move that container down to the bottom and even with the other subcontainers.  It is the last one shown here, notice how it is evenly aligned with the other two subcontainers?

Set this container's margins to 30 all around.  Change the background to l2a.jpg and set it to non-scrolling.  The frame is okay.

Please check your master scrippy against the image here and make sure that this set of containers is exactly as shown here.  If you put any one of these containers in the right alignment, it won't work correctly.  The way the backgrounds go is first one scrolls, second doesnt, third does, fourth doesn't.

Now please click on the first container in this series, and copy it.  Now paste this container.  More than likely it will go underneath the first one.  You will have to grab it and move it to the very bottom below the last item and over to the left.  Now let the mouse go and it should show up on the left.  Go into the very first container here and change the settings, horizontal to right and vertical stays at top.  This is your top right container.  Go into each subcontainer and change the scrolling backgrounds to up+right.  

Paste the container again and move it down to the bottom as well and to the left.  Change the first container to be set from the left horizontally and the bottom in vertical.  Change the backgrounds that scroll to down+left.

Now paste it one more time and move it down and to the left.  Change this main container to horizontal right and vertical bottom.  Change the scrolling backgrounds here to down+right.

Look at this image and make sure your container sections are identical.  This shows you how the second, third and fourth are all lined up evenly with the first one.

This concludes the lesson on containers.

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