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Welcome to the ScrippyMe Yahoo User Group home page.  This website has been developed in order to provide services for our group which includes Scrippy lessons and may also include stationery created by it's members.  You may also find links to graphic tutorials for the purpose of creating better backgrounds and/or graphics with which to make your Outlook Express Stationery.  For those who might perhaps be interested in joining this group, please note that in order to do so you must use Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.  Netscape does not allow for the viewing of stationery and neither does AOL.  However, the new Scrippy-3 does show up for Netscape users.  While webtv users may be able to view our work here, I do not know about their ability to view graphical email messages however they have no way of sustaining images or doing graphics, so for this purpose, webtv users may not join.

The reason that Scrippy stationery has not been used for this website is that it does not allow for the easy insertion of a web page counter or other html code.  ScrippyMe is not affilitated with the Scrippy web site and has no connection thereof.

Each week a new lesson will be posted at this site.  The lessons will begin on Mondays and end on the following Monday.  If you wish to utilize this site without joining our group please feel free to do so.  However, questions are limited to those who are members of the group due to time restraint.

What do you need in order to participate?  You will need the Scrippy program available here.  It comes as a 30-day trial and the cost is very minimal, around $39.00 US dollars.  You will also need some kind of graphics program as well as the ability to use it.  As I use Paintshop Pro, the lessons which might be posted here, or links thereof, for graphics, will be done with PSP in mind.  You may also download a trial of the Paintshop Pro program here.  As well as these two items, it is suggested that you do a search for filters to be used with PSP.  There are many free filters available on the internet as well as some which must be purchased.  But even these often come as a trial version.  Recommended filters are Flaming Pear's Blade Pro and Eyecandy4000, and other filters needed, if any, will be made available per lesson.  Presets for Blade Pro are abundant throughout the internet and are usually free, as well you may make your own presets with this program.

To join the ScrippyMe Yahoo Group you may enter your email address in the box below.  If you are unsure of how this membership works, it is quite simple.  You must be able to receive html mail, that is, rich-text format mail which will allow you to view and send stationery.  The messages will be delivered to your inbox.  It is recommended that you make a separate folder for your ScrippyMe mail and set a message rule so that each message which pertains to this group will be automatically placed there. Each new message you post is sent to all members to encourage participation.  Replies to messages are sent only to the original author in order to lessen the flow of messages through the group itself.  At this time membership is restricted, this merely means the moderator must approve each and every member, it does not mean that any one person is not going to be approved!  In order to join this group the moderator would like to know your goals, what you hope to accomplish by joining.

Mail settings should be set as follows: 

Send: Include message in reply.  This allows the readers to follow the conversation.

Mail Sending Format:  Plain Text.  This ensures that when you do a reply to a message sent with stationery, that the entire stationery will not be resent.  This can be very annoying, however it is mainly for the purpose of being able to read replies.  If you reply without having this set, your message is very hard, if not impossible to read.

Compose: Under compose be sure to include a business card.  To make one is very simple.  Add a new entry into your address book for your current email address or put any address in there that you'd like.  It doesn't have to be a valid address for the vcard to work..  Now click on 'Include my business card when creating new messages' and browse to find the entry for yourself.  This card prevents the Yahoo ads from ruining your stationery.

ScrippyMe Rules are as follows:
No flaming of other members will be permitted.  Critique is allowed as long as it is done politely and with the idea of assisting another member.

Tasteful art is allowed however no obscene images will be.  Should you post this type of message, you will be sent a warning and on repeating this offense you will be banned from the group.

No script stationery is allowed whatsoever as this is a Scrippy group.  There are many nice groups in Yahoo where you can show off your great script stationery!

No visible copyrights are allowed.  You may certainly copyright your own work at any time or place your name on the main image but backgrounds do not look good with names all over them.  Copyrights can be done invisibly if desired at any time.  

Members are required to ask permission before they take someone else's work but ssc, sound and animations are free for the taking.

All type of music will be permitted.

Other than these above, the only objective and/or rule is just to have fun!  We ask that ssc files be shared freely so if you can't share the ssc file for a stationery then please don't post it.

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