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ScrippyMe now has a new home.  Click on ScrippyMe to go there now.    Visit there or join us at  This site will no longer be updated as there is no more room here to do any additions.  Be sure to visit my other web sites:   The Naked PoliticianSweetster, a site where you can get help locating sugar-free snacks, candy and recipes; and Blogsmart, a blog by a Grandma where you can read some cute and clean jokes as well as the antics of Grandchildren and pets.  Get some of Grandma's advice and recipes, you'll love it.

Time to get going and do some new lessons.  ScrippyMe has been reopened for almost three months.  Activity has increased and many previous members have rejoined.  If you are looking to really find out about Scrippy and get detailed instructions on how to use it for your stationery, don't hesitate a moment longer.  You will not find any other site that compares to mine nor anyone more qualified to help you learn to use the Scrippy program.

You can join the Yahoo group below, and also participate in a mailing list for updates to the web site, visit our forum and even leave your favorite links.  The only requirement to joining is that you must be approved in order to keep out the trash such as those who love to pass around spam and nasty pornographic materials.  Everyone is welcome and the lessons at my website will be freely available to the public.

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