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  Windows Scrippy Tutorial

At this point you have now made the three windows that show up on the left.  We are going to insert the loading message next in order to break up the positioned containers.  This also gives you more of an idea of where things are as it can get confusing and it doesn't really matter where you put the loading message.  You can also break up your positioned containers using a ticker or the sound without any consequence.  This can be a big help!

11.  Insert a loading message.  By now most of you are aware that within this area you can type whatever you want and as well can add an image!  Please keep in mind that people will get tired of waiting for your email message if you make the timing very long here.  I recommend no more than 2 seconds and less if possible but definitely no less than 1.5.  However, during the creation of a Scrippy, I often set my loading message to as little as 0 simply because when I want to view what has been done so long it speeds up the process.  But don't forget to change this before you save it as a stationery :-)

12-20.  Now you will insert another positioned container, a background and a frame.  Do this three more times in all, using the small background and the same frame settings as done in step number 4.  The settings for these are the exact same as for the first three frames with the only difference being that instead of 'left' you will choose 'right'.  View the below image to see what is meant by that.


21.  Okay, now that you have completed the previous three additional containers with their backgrounds and frames, let's make sure that you changed the scrolling directions!  Each one should be the exact opposite of the first three that were done.  That should be up+right, down+right and right for these last three containers.  Now, be sure to preview your stationery as you go along.  This not only lets you know that you are doing it right but gives you a little lift!

22.  We will add another positioned container which is the 'holding area' for your main image.  Insert a positioned container on it's own level. The first image here shows what we have left yet to do in our stationery.

Where We Are Going Next!



The reason behind these numbers is simple.  The image itself measures 318x366 and I inserted a frame of 2 pixels here as well.  Even though the frame is only 2 pixels wide, always allow more space for your frame.  If you don't care to have a frame here that is not going to be a problem, just leave it out.  In that event, your settings should be 10 pixels less in each area.  If you are using a different image than the one shown here then you will need to adjust the sizing of your positioned container to match that of your own image.  As well, if your image is a lot smaller than the one here you should consider bringing it down so that it is more centered in your pc.  A setting of 50 might not be enough to center your smaller image.  Increase the distance from the top until your image looks centered.

23.  Insert a positioned container.  This one will hold our message area.  Set the right and left margins to 110.  Top margin is 440 and the bottom margin is 30. 

24.  Insert a frame this time using pixel size of 4, the same color as before and as usual it is in the style of inset.  The inset style makes it look more like a cutout.

25.  Insert a message area.  This message area goes all the way to the left and doesn't go under a container.  The message area margins are 120 for the left and right, 450 for the top and 40 for the bottom.  This will be an expanding message area which will show up inside of what appears to be a box.

26&27.  The only thing left to do is to add some sound and your own ticker.'re done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will enjoy using your new stationery!

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All images here other than stated are the original creation of myself and are freely available for your use.  Feel free to save this tutorial for later use if desired.  Please let your friends know about these tutorials so that they can learn how to do Scrippy stationery too.


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