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 Open Scrippy and click on New.  Now insert a background.  Browse for the background of your choice.  For this tutorial I used the original image to make a background.  I promoted it to layer, deleted the background layer and adjusted the slider to about 50% transparency.  I then used 20/20 to turn it into a tiled background.  You can use any background you'd like!

After you have chosen your background, do a preview and make sure it looks ok. 

Next, Insert Container - Positioned Container.  Choose 0 from the left and 0 from the top and make it the same as the largest contained image.  Insert a frame and choose any color.  Insert Positioned Object - Positioned Image.  Browse to find the finished gif you made from the image already provided.  Next, insert a background.  When you insert the positioned image and the background, make sure that these items go UNDER the positioned container, as below.  To make sure they go below the Positioned Container, click on it before clicking on insert.


Browse for the golddust.jpg file that you saved from the previous page. Make it scroll up-right and don't change any of the other settings for now.  Here is what you should now have.


Now an observant person will notice that the frame has never shown up!  That is because we told the container to only be as large as the picture.  If you want the frame to show around the edges of this picture then you will need to enlarge the container by however large your frame is.  If you left it at 10, then by clicking on the positioned image you can see it's dimensions of 250x336.  Go back to the Positioned Container and change it to be a specified size.  The first container is the width and since our image is 250 pixels wide, we want it to be 260 pixels wide.  Now go down to the bottom and choose specified size and make that one 346, since our image is 336 in height.  This gives us 10 extra pixels across and down so that the frame now shows up!  Take a peek at it!

If you have followed all of these instructions properly you should now see a sparkling image on your scrippy master.  If you do not see anything sparkling then go back and double check what you have against what I have shown that you should have.  Putting your background ahead of your positioned image can cause it not to show up.

Someone is sure to ask, so yes, you could have made this a border scroll however frames don't work well with scrolls of this kind.  Try it if you'd like.  For simplicity I have instructed you to place this image at the left top of your stationery, but you can place it anywhere that you would like by changing the numbers in the container as in how many pixels from the left and the top, etc, etc.  You can also change the scrolling direction and the speed of the scroll to your taste.

Next, add on a message area, a ticker and a loading message.  For instructions on doing those items, please refer to the instructions for the Left Border Scroll.



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