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Inserting a Background title

 Inserting Background divider

This lesson will show you how to insert a background into the loading message of a Scrippy-3 stationery.  

This is the portion that you need to find within your stationery htm file using your text editor or preferably Microsoft Front Page.

Where the blue is showing, type in bg="" and put one space after this to separate it from the 'background-color' section.

Now type in the entire path and name of the background you want to use for your loading message.  It is easiest to use a program called Path Copy.  There seems to be two of these programs, so you want to make sure to pick up a copy of the correct one.

Now go up to the top and right after the title headers, place <body background=""> and again in between the "" put the entire path and name of your loading message background.

That is all there is to it.

Inserting Background divider

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