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This lesson will show you how to insert a background into the loading message of a Scrippy-2 stationery.  Although this is one of the tips on the Scrippy tips page, I've had requests for a tutorial for this procedure.  

Alright, let's get started.  Here's where you are.  You have just completed a stationery and now you would like to have a background in the loading message.  That is easy!  First however you need to decide if you want your message to match the background.  If you'd like just to put in some text or an animation, make sure the animation has a transparent background or else it might not look as well.  Make sure whatever text color you have chosen will show up well against your background.  Sometimes it is necessary to increase the size of your loading message from the normal 12 to perhaps 14 or 18 in order for it to show well against your background graphic.  Now, are you ready?

Inserting Background divider

Inserting Background 1

Once you have completed your stationery, save it as usual, as an html or htm file.  Now using your text editor such as notepad or metapad open up the html file.  In notepad it might not show you the html file. Change the bottom box to 'All Files' so that the html file will show up.  Now select the file and open it up as large as it will go for better viewing.  The first thing you will do is find the selection as shown above.  Yours will be wider and more together, this one I have sized down for viewing here, although this is a complete loading message code out of a stat that I have previously done.

Inserting Background 2

Right in front of where it says background-color: I want you to insert code as shown above.  This is bg="".  Now you will insert the complete path and file name of your intended background graphic in between the " and ".  As below.

Inserting Background 3

At this point, I recommend that you obtain a copy of a neat little program called Path Copy.  This program allows you to copy the entire path of any file which makes this one step very easy.  Here's a screen shot of it.  If this link doesn't work just do a search for it.

Inserting Background 4

Okay.  Now if you were to preview your stat you wouldn't see any change in it at all.  That is because we need to add one more line of code before it will work.

Right after the </head> statement we will add the following code:

Of course the path and file name will be different for your background image.  You will add the portion <body background=""> and insert your path and image name in between the " and the ".  Now save this, just click on file/save as you have already saved it as a html file.  Do a preview on the stationery now to see the final results!

I hope that this tutorial was of some assistance!  As always, please feel free to contact me for any additional help!

Inserting Background divider

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